Pathways-mindful writing for personal growth

mindful writing for personal growth

... the challenge of true encounter

"This is not a book for those in a hurry" - from the foreword by Brian Thorne* - "Simon Cole's purpose in these pages... is concerned not with solving problems, but with changing attitudes and altering perceptions."  This is not a book of black and white, either or, for or against - the author goes out to meet paradox, uncertainty, timelessness and the greater context beyond the human.

Whisperings... From the Beginning... the passing we call time... on the discovery of emptiness... All Real Life is Meeting... Love's Path... on a life in touch... Stopping Dreaming... A Hazy Horizon...

He is not proscriptive.  He simply says - "consider this". 

All contact makes pathways, between human beings and themselves, between each of us and each other, between the race of humankind and the planet of which we are a part.

"Simon Cole writes beautifully and his book is itself a kind of lyrical meditation... it bears the marks of a deep humility which encourages confidence in his reader and makes the savouring of his words an experience which stills the mind and nourishes the soul."  (Brian Thorne)
*Brian Thorne is emeritus professor of counselling at the University of East Anglia and lay canon at Norwich Cathedral.