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mindful writing for personal growth

Training and Retreats

 This programme is available at Le Sentier Tranquille retreat centre in south-west France and is designed to offer a grounding in the practice of Clear Space meditation (as set out in "Stillness in Mind'), to a level which will enable participants to continue their development when they leave.  
Continued contact by blog and skype can be available.
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Retreat-workshops in mindfulness and meditation for personal growth and therapeutic change
Dates for 2021:
Sunday 2nd May (arrival) / Friday 7th May (departure)  "Musicking Mindfulness" retreat        
Sunday 20th June (arrival) / Friday 25th June (departure)  "Music of the Mountains" meditation retreat
Sunday 25th July (arrival) / Friday 30th july (departure)  "Mindfulness, Meditation and Relation" retreat
Sunday 29th August (Arrival) / Friday 3rd September (departure)  "Musicking Mindfulness" retreat

Despite the names of the retreats, no previous musical experience or interest is needed.  When we talk about "musicking" we are mostly not talking about music as we conventionally think of it - it is the term we use to indicate all the ways in which we allow our inner self to manifest itself in the world, through our movement and words and the creative ways we  show who we are.  Simon's book "just BE here" is the guide.  The practice of mindfulness is subsumed in the expression of flow, so that the development you will feel on our retreats is in receiving what is around in its 'pure' form, allowing yourself to be affected within and manifesting your whole being through the flow of your relating in the world.

During the retreat you will learn or develop your mindfulness practice and be introduced to the meditation approach of the
Clear Space Path; you will exchange with other participants in a group, in the ‘summer-house’ group-room and the gardens, in talks, in free time, over meals together and on walks in the surrounding forests, hills and mountains.  Each day  begins with a silent meditation, often on the 'platform' open to our wonderful natural surroundings and ends with a themed meditation in the 'summer-house' group space.  The workshop themes of each day then follow this pattern:

day one - developing a mindful way of life : training and practice

day two - listening to ourselves and developing a sense of flow
day three - understanding relationship : the insights of Martin Buber
day four - meditation as discovery : passage and direction

Good food and comfortable accommodation in a private room is assured and our price of £595 or €680 (£660 or £750 "Music of the Mountains') is fully inclusive accommodation and all meals.