Along the Way-mindful writing for personal growth

mindful writing for personal growth

... meditation for the day to day

"Along the Way" extends the format of themed meditations introduced in "Stillness in Mind".  After a short introduction to using this form for your meditation, you will find a collection of 24 meditations arranged thematically : simply being... connecting... stepping stones... troubled water... sacred planet.

For each meditation there is a contemplation piece to read : this is to raise awareness around the subject.  Not teaching, not imagery, not a programme - more like stage props which support the story.

Then the sitting.  The narrative of the meditation follows, focusing on body awareness and using a mind-body dialogue to enliven the theme.  At the end of the narrative is the 'abiding in silence' using the mantra words or phrase which is highlighted in the text to help stay with the theme.

Themed meditations are not a substitute for the silent meditation practice of "Stillness in Mind", but they offer an alternative for periodic use to enrich a regular practice.