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"From the author of “Stillness in Mind”, a widely respected counsellor and meditation teacher in the UK, France and online, here is a pocketbook of 24 meditations for the everyday. Life situations, emotions, day-to-day difficulties, all with their own special treatment.

"Each has a short piece to read and contemplate to set the tone and background atmosphere, and then the narrative of the meditation itself, accompanied with a mantra.

"There is also a guide to using the meditations as an occasional activity or in the context of a regular practice."
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header_2being_still_being_now_cover_final_front_Fotor1Walk in the desert and you walk with yourself.

The backdrop to this everyday companion to mindfulness is the Sahara desert and, as well as an easy to read description of the essentials of mindfulness, the reader will find the author's own (B&W) photographs of the desert with haiku-style verses.

In the desert you come face to face with yourself and in mindfulness you come to see yourself as you are in the moment.

After the instruction you will find four themed meditations with a web link to sound files to use with them if you wish. 


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